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A good quality new underlay will improve underfoot comfort, increase the appearance retention to your new carpet reducing the flattening and reduce wear, improve thermal and sound insulation properties and help to smooth out sub-floor imperfections.

Utilising the old underlay will reduce the new carpet life, cause wrinkling and premature wear spots and not meet to British Standards. A maximum of 11mm thickness is recommended (working with carpet gripper will be difficult thereafter) but rooms with heavy traffic will need a thinner, denser underlay.

The combination of thickness and density is all important as a thick underlay with low density may not perform well.

PU Foam Underlay - made from recycled foam off cuts. The foam provides excellent comfort and performance levels with lots of thickness options and densities. The product can be recycled again after use.

Sponge Rubber Underlay - available in either flat or waffle patterns in a wide range of weights for different applications. It performs well for comfort and has a durable Spring retention.

Felt Combination Underlay - made using a rubber crumb base and a felt top layer made from recycled carpet yarn materials. It offers an excellent combination of protection, durability, comfort, thermal and sound insulation. It also allows carpets with seaming to bed into the top felt.

Underfloor Heating Underlay - most manufacturers offer special products dedicated to underfloor heating systems. Underlay and Carpet with a tog rating upto 2.5 can be used - which usually means the underlay will have a tog rating of 1.0

Laminate Underlay - improves the acoustic performance of the flooring and helping the boards to float above any imperfections in the subfloor. A selection of laminate underlays have a built in DPM membrane to help protect against damp in subfloors.

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